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Beth Donovan Hospice is happy to announce that they have raised $30,000 through their 30 for 30 campaign. In honour of the hospice’s 30th Anniversary, donations were collected through the sale of paper butterflies, craft and bake sales, third-party fundraising events, as well as through private donations. We must thank the many businesses, community partners, and private donors who helped us reached our goal. Many thanks to B&H Grocer who was our top retail fundraiser.

All funds raised will go directly to the continued operation of our many services including In-Home visiting, Equipment Lending, Day Hospice, and the Grief and Bereavement programs.

Beth Donovan Hospice serves individuals and their families as they navigate the challenges of life-limiting illnesses and end-of-life transitions. Founded through the compassion and vision of generous volunteers, Beth Donovan Hospice has been providing services for over 30 years. We serve the communities of North Grenville, Merrickville-Wolford, Spencerville, North Gower and beyond. All members of the community who have any life-limiting illness or are recently bereaved can access our services free of charge.

Ongoing fundraising is necessary for Beth Donovan Hospice to continue providing compassionate support and professional care to those in our community at end-of-life, their caregivers and the bereaved. For more information on how you can help, please visit our website at or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For those of you wanting to know a little more about the upcoming BJ Miller event, check out his TED talk and see what all of the fuss is about. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. It is amazing how easily a meaningful moment, memory, or feeling can be captured by one great photograph. Often the essence of that moment is conveyed more deeply by a single image than through the written word. 

At BDH we have many activities and events where we would like to capture the essence of a moment and share it with the community. Whether it be a quiet moment between a client and volunteer, an enjoyable time at a fundraising event, or the peace and tranquility of our labyrinth and Healing Garden, we are always looking for that perfect photograph to tell the story and capture the spirit of the care we provide. 

So, when we contacted the North Grenville Photography Club to see if they could help us, we were delighted when they agreed. In fact, they were excited to get involved and help another local organization. 

Although they are perhaps better known for their photographs of nature, they agreed to include people and activity shots too.  We very much appreciate all the photographs they have taken for us this fall including wonderful shots of the hospice property, the labyrinth and healing garden as well as individual pictures of our volunteers at the Volunteer Appreciation Gathering, Santa Claus parade float and other hospice activities.  The photographers have done a marvellous job.  

We want to give a big “shout out” and heartfelt thank you to the North Grenville Photography club for their contribution. We look forward to continuing this wonderful relationship.

As we maneuver through our second year of the pandemic, we are all looking for signs of hope and for an end to these difficult times.  In keeping with this sentiment, we have turned our attention to creating more outdoor space for our clients, volunteers, and the general public to enjoy. Thanks to a dedicated and imaginative group of volunteers, staff, and local businesses,  we are proud to announce that we have started the creation of both a labyrinth and a healing garden at hospice.

With the help of Kemptville Fencing and Decks a circular healing garden with paths leading into a treed labyrinth are being created in and around the wooded oasis in our backyard. Jonah Robinson Landscape have generously donated a 1 tonne bag of landscaping rocks to help define the Labyrinth path and lead you into the centre.

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? It has no tricks to it and no dead ends. Unlike a maze where you may feel lost, the labyrinth can help you find your way. 

A labyrinth is a complex path that leads from a beginning point to a center and it combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. It can represent a journey to our own center and back again out into the world and has long been used as a meditation tool.

The Healing Garden has been formed in the shape of a circle to symbolize life, connection, and eternity. Within this circle there are quadrants representing the 4 directions and the 4 elements. The healing circle can be visited to care for our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and can offer a peaceful time in nature to help us restore our balance and harmony. 

We are eager to have you enjoy this safe, accessible, outdoor space where you can run, dance, sit, meditate, pray, and play. Some of you may come with questions, others to just slow down and take time out from a busy life. Some may come to find strength to take the next step, and many may come during times of grief and loss. 

We look forward to inviting you in the coming months to see and experience this unique and evolving space; one where you can simply relax and be present. These programs could not be possible without the dedication, creativity, and kindness of the Beth Donovan Hospice volunteers. Perhaps joining the Hospice as a volunteer would help you find the connection, comfort, and sense of community you are longing for? For more information about volunteering or getting involved, please visit our  website at or call 613-258-9611.

Calm Restored

Join Beth Donovan Hospice for a free Guided Meditation Series where you can breathe, unwind, and enjoy a time of calm and peace from the comfort of your own home. 

Even if you have never tried meditation before, this is a greast opportunity to explore the potential benefits of this practice. While there is some mystery and confusion surrounding the meditation, the truth is that meditation is something anyone can do! It can be learned in just a few minutes, and the benefits can be felt immediately. Many people report feeling an increased sense of relaxation, concentration, and connection when they initiate a mediation practice.

There are many forms of meditation, but simple mindfulness is one of the easiest to implement. The standard approach is to sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes, and focus on  your breathing. The goal is to try to stay in the moment and bring your attention back to the present whenever your focus starts to drift away. Your mind will drift, but that doesn't mean you're doing it wrong. With a bit of practice and guidance, your mind will settle, and you will gain a greater sense of calm and peace. 

BDH invites you to join them for a series of 20-minute guided meditations on Tuesday evening at 7:00 via zoom. The series runs from September 21st until December 7th. No experience is needed. You are welcome to come each week or join intermittently when it is convenient for you. For more information and to register, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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