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Day Hospice


The Beth Donovan Hospice Day Program is offered to an intimate group of clients with a life limiting illness, available to individuals living in North Grenville and surrounding rural areas. The Day Program is a day away in a home-like setting, where clients will find rest and relaxation, supportive relationships, and therapeutic value. It also allows respite for caregivers and ease of mind knowing their loved one is being cared for in a professional and caring setting. Our program is coordinated and overseen by a Registered Nurse and supported by our dedicated hospice volunteer team.

Offered every Thursday from 10-3pm at 1107 French Settlement Road.


At the Beth Donovan Hospice Day Program, meaningful activities include:

  • Arts &Crafts
  • Musicians & performances
  • Chair exercise class every other week
  • Complementary therapies- Massage and Reflexology
  • A homemade lunch
  • Transportation for those who require it
  • Spa days
  • A listening ear - companionship and conversation
  • Table games/cards
  • Celebrations… FUN!


If you know of a person who is living with a life limiting illness and could benefit from a day of support, please call our office at 613-258-9611 or email our Day Hospice Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Anyone in the community can refer to our programs!



The Day Away Program From Our Eyes

I have to admit that originally I thought of the day away as a senior's daycare or the "play date" but boy did that idea change soon.

The first time that Dad went to the day away, he didn't want to. I had to badger and bully him to go and check it out. We agreed to stay just an hour and leave before lunch. As you know we stayed till 2pm and had lunch.

That first time you had a visiting masseuse. She worked on leg pain that Dad was experiencing. The pain was gone for weeks!

The following week I asked Dad if he wanted to go again. I had to work but somebody would give him a lift. "Oh I guess so" was his reply.

This quickly evolved into a 2 day (plus) affair not just the 4 hours on Thurs.. It would start on Wednesday when he would pick out his shirt, tie (straight or bow), matching kerchief, jacket, belt and of course shoes. The shoes had to be polished even if they hadn't seen daylight for months. He then had to choose 2 CD's for Laurie to play in the car, making sure he hadn't brought them before. He would confirm with me what time his ride would arrive the next day.

Thursday morning Dad would be up at 7am to start to get ready. His ride wasn't going to arrive till 9:45 but he wanted a good shave and time to dress.

One day one of his assisted living angels commented how the Earl on Thursday was so different from the Earl on Monday. Dad was engaged. He had his own stories, comments, life to share at the dinner table now. He became interested in the news again and yelled at the referees on tv louder. He had his 'own' life.

My only regrets are that he wasn't involved with the day away sooner and that he isn't here today to still take part.
Thank you so much for making his last 4 months better than his last 4 years, I feel.

Louise, Earl's girl



  • “A much needed and appreciated community service. Thank you.”
  • “I want to thank you for your care and concern shown to our loved one during his illness. He certainly appreciated all you did as do I. He looked forward to his volunteer visiting, she was always professional and treated him with dignity. I was so grateful she came the morning he went to hospital. Thank you so much.”
  • “The hospice does very important work in our community …..thank you for being there and extending your help and compassion at this difficult time”
  • “’Thank you’ just seems inadequate for the group of people that are Beth Donovan Hospice as an organization. You not only gave Joanie a chance for dignity and respect but you gave her, myself and the kids the greatest gift of all; your support granted her wish to live, and I do mean live, her final moments at home surrounded by love and laughter.”

  • “I can’t thank the hospice enough for all their help, concern and mostly professionalism they showed in sorting out Grandma’s dilemma. It’s people like you that make our community a great place to live.”


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Kemptville, ON, K0G1J0 

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