Counselling & Bereavement Services


Grief is a natural, universal reaction to the loss of someone you care about, yet what you experience as grief is itself highly personal and unique to you. It can involve many different distressing experiences, including a roller coaster of emotions, a lack of concentration, difficulty focusing and remembering, physical sensations such as a tightness in the throat, fatigue, and an overarching sense of loneliness. And no wonder, for you have not just lost your loved one, but also all the different roles that they played in your life: mentor, confidant, parent, etc.


It is for this reason and more that receiving support is so important in coping with grief. Research tells us that when we feel supported it facilitates healing in the grief process. This is why here at Beth Donovan Hospice, we aim to provide several different ways that you can receive support, which are detailed below. Which service you access depends on your level of need and comfort, and so feel free to look at each resource in turn in the box to the right, to see what is available.


To access these services, or if you are not sure what resource is right for you, call 613-258-9611 ext. 6 to speak with our grief and bereavement counsellor.


For other grief and bereavement resources, please refer to the Champlain Healthline.


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